The Team

The Pearl Kitchen Team is a threesome of culturally diverse individuals who share a passion for good food and unique beneficial projects.

Eric Kok

Eric Kok spent his formative years in Penang and lived there for over 20 years. Whilst his own life there was colourful and representative of the Penang lifestyle, his interest in food developed as an accomplice to his intrepid and charismatic godmother – upon whom much of this project is based. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia to further his career in medical research.

A keen student of ontology, Eric started The Pearl Kitchen as a tribute to his godmother. By sharing the story of his own family and the culture he grew up in, Eric hopes to inspire a sense of family and cultural exchange through culinary experiences.

Adrian Schmidt

From a very young age, Adrian Schmidt has absorbed the wonders of life through the palette, as if bumping a perpetual acid trip at each meal. It was the logical conclusion of his gluttonous, indulgent existence that he should volunteer his time and skills to a beneficial food project.

Some might even say it rings of Karma.

Adrian lends his journalistic training and innate semantic chicanery to the project, joining the project early on as ghost-writer and story editor. He made a pilgrimage to Penang in 2010 to imbibe the lifestyle, and looks forward to once again clearing away the stack of dishes resting on his notes from the trip.

Tawfik Elgazzar

Egyptian born, Saudi raised and Australian proud, Tawfik Elgazzar ( ) has been working in his beloved art-form, photography, since 2004. With a passion for light, life and love, he traveled to many places around the globe, gaining invaluable experiences, making great friends and building a great travel library. Tawfik has an insatiable interest in everything food and culture, which was one of the main motivations in his worldly adventures.

During his visit to Penang, Tawfik roamed the streets, sampled the food, observed the energy and captured the light, documenting what Penang represented and presented to him in a most poetic photographic sense.

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  1. Congrats! Finally. Seng Teong from Penang.


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