Hawkers Delight

February 20, 2013


It has become a ritual for my sister and her husband to take KuKu and myself out to supper during our annual reunion. I had been eager to get to the night market and soak up the red lantern in its magic life of fire. Seeing KuKu again would always be top billing on this […]

The Water Snake Slithers In

February 10, 2013


As most of you are aware of, I am on my annual trip back to visit my family in Penang. Today we at the Pearl Kitchen ushered in the new year, and for the first time I am staying with both my KuKu and my parents under one roof. The dynamics of relationships that have […]

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Rise of the Kok Women

February 6, 2013


The story below continues from here. For my grandfather, the shock of war might as well have been fatal. His fortune now won and lost, he never spoke again – retreating forever into a place within himself. Merely surviving the Nian was not a fortune he could live with. To ensure our livelihood, street-vending became […]

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A taste of what is to come….

January 31, 2013


Yup Penang is well known in the whole wide world for it 🙂

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The Many Faces of Tofu

January 23, 2013


Tofu or bean curd is produced by coagulating soy milk. Since its invention more than two thousand years ago, us Chinese have found infinite ways of using this rich source of protein. The main forms of tofu KuKu likes to cook with are the firm tofu and fried tofu puffs. Firm tofu is coagulated soy […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

January 16, 2013


Today I am taking up the Weekly Photo Challenge of the Daily Post. The word ‘Illumination’ reminds me of the Chinese Lantern, which plays an important role in the culture I grew up in. It symbolizes the brilliant culture of China that was brought along by the early Chinese migrants to Penang. In ancient China, […]

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Mushroom meatballs

January 13, 2013


Another traditional Chinese ingredient is dried winter (shiitake) mushroom. It is culinarily versatile and has a wonderful smoky flavour and a meaty texture. Winter mushrooms are not only delicious additions to just about any recipe; they are also a healthy one. They are a source for high quality protein, minerals and vitamins. Having high fibre […]

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