The Free Giveaways

The Pearl Kitchen would like to thank everyone for following our blog. As a token of appreciation, from time to time we will be sending out FREE giveaways. This is what you need to do to get them:

1) Follow The Pearl Kitchen by typing in your email address on the front page of the blog. Bloggers should do the same as we need your email address.

2) When you receive an email from us (check the Spam if you don’t), click on the link to acknowledge that it is you.

3) We will send all FREE giveaways to the email you provided. You will also receive post updates and other exciting information. We promise no Spams.

And now for our first FREE GIVEAWAY…….

My trip back to Penang  in February 2013 presented a great opportunity to rekindle with favourite street food that I grew up with. I spent three weeks on a journey to uncover my “Top  Street Food of Penang”. As I enjoyed these delectable cuisines I wondered how I could share my experience with readers of The Pearl Kitchen. One way was to take lots of photos and post in our Facebook page. I did that almost daily, and people loved it.

So I decided to make my first eBook titled “Pearl Kitchen’s Top Street Food of Penang”, and I am giving it away for FREE!!!!!

The link to download this eBook is available between 11 March 2013 and 8 April 2013.


Vol 1 Cover


Our second FREE GIVEAWAY is Top Street Food of Penang Vol. 2, a continuation from where we left off in the first volume. The download link will be available from 15 April to 15 July 2013. Click HERE to learn how to get it.

Vol 2 Cover

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  1. ooh can’t wait =)

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