The Project

You are cordially invited to be a part of a unique interactive project. The Pearl Kitchenis a book designed to look and feel like a blog. The content will be updated frequently, with plenty of opportunities for reader interaction and contribution. There will also be amazing prizes and giveaways. We aim to take the reader to the heart of the cuisine and culture, and inspire them to reflect on the significance of their own culinary traditions and experiences.

What is The Pearl Kitchen?

A fusion of biography, inspirational non-fiction, cookbook and off-beat travelogue, the premise of The Pearl Kitchen is a retrospective of a fragile family and a culturally-diverse local community brought closer together through food. The recipes included are a varied and achievable sample of authentic aromatic cuisine from Penang, a region of Malaysia once known as the pearl of the orient for its fusion of various Asian cultures.

The stories, and cuisine, derive from the worldly experience of the book’s matriarchal protagonist, with the story of togetherness recalled and narrated in the first person by her now grown-up godson. The rich culture of Chinese-Malaysian life is also explored through the author’s unique sensitivity, having observed these social and culinary fusions from both within and without, as a child and a returned expatriate respectively.

How can you participate?

Have a look around and remember to make yourself feel at home. If you like what you see register your details and be notified of future updates. Registration also allows you to:

1)   Join in the interactions.

2)   Take part in real-life activities organised by us.

3)   Win prizes and giveaways.

So come join the journey to The Pearl Kitchen!


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  1. What a wonderful project—your recipes look scrumptious and I so look forward to learning more about the Pearl of the Orient and your sweet family. Happy new year!

    • Thanks for the kind comments and wishes Michelle 🙂 Chinese New Year is the best time for me, spending quality time with my family. I only see them 3 weeks every year.


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