The Pearl Kitchen Celebrates Mothers Day

Posted on May 12, 2013


Today is Mothers Day in Australia and in Malaysia. It reminds me of why I started The Pearl Kitchen, to thank the woman that has given me so much. Whilst KuKu wasn’t the person who gave me life, she did provide me with LIFE. For that I will eternally be grateful.

If you were wondering why The Pearl Kitchen has been dormant recently, it is not due to the cold weather here in Sydney. I have been so busy with my other passion, my career. It started with an invitation to become associate research investigator for a grant application to save children from the dreaded Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease. Then I signed a contract to write a book on the subject. My schedule for the next year is full!

Nevertheless the journey to The Pearl Kitchen will continue. I am using this special day to kick start the next phase of the journey. My ultimate goal is to publish a book as a present to KuKu, and with the great feedback received for the two mini eBooks, I am ready to get to work. So for the next few months here at The Pearl Kitchen blog you will read about updates from the book writing. I will also post some contents from the first and second eBooks for those that missed out.

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OK I better get working. Hmmmmm where to start……..


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