Top Street Food of Penang Vol. 2

Posted on April 10, 2013


After weeks of hard work I finally completed the second volume of “Top Street Food of Penang” eBook. Hopefully you will like it as much as you liked the first volume. These eBooks are the outcome of my trip back to Penang recently. I wanted to bring back a souvenir for the followers of The Pearl Kitchen and thought it would be nice to share about the street food I enjoyed, in the form of a two-volume eBook.

Vol 2 Cover

My aim to promote Penang street food culture was partly fulfilled by expressions of interest in visiting the place after reading the first volume. The feedbacks I received were very encouraging and have inspired me to continue exploring the world of self publishing. However I also noticed that some of the regular visitors of this blog, people that I would love to share this eBook with, did not request for the download link (Because of the size of the eBooks I had to subscribe to a File Transfer site and then send the link via email). I am aware that most people are uncomfortable giving out their email addresses, but this is currently the most practical way for me.

In Top Street Food of Penang Vol. 2 I included some world famous street food like the Assam Laksa. There are also delicious desserts such as the Chendol and Ais Kacang. I am really happy with how the photos turned out because I didn’t expect much of my iphone camera. Maybe it is my hidden talent? Here is a tease shot.


So how can you get this eBook? Just like the first volume I am giving it out for FREE. The download link will be available from 15 April to 15 July 2013. This time however I am requesting that you help spread the word by following the three steps below. Remember I also need your email to send the download link, so type it in the box on the sidebar if you are not yet in my mailing list or visit HERE for instructions.

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Last but most importantly I am still learning how to make eBooks so it would be awesome if you could provide feedback about the book here. Thanks in advance.