Does Size Matter?

Posted on March 5, 2013


Penang boasts of some tourist attractions based on SIZE. It has the longest bridge in South East Asia (soon to be two) and one of the biggest statue of the reclining Buddha. The main attraction for me this trip home was the visit to the Kek Lok Si Temple and the Goddess of Mercy statue. Wait for the size….

We travelled to Ayer Itam, where the temple is situated on the slope of a hill, by motorcycle because it was the fastest way to move about in Penang. After parking at the foot of the hill we hiked up about 500m of large steps, lined with souvenir shops on both sides.


Half way up there was an opening with a beautiful view of what is in store……

As we continued our hike up the temple, we arrived at another opening. Here a small bridge with a pergola climbed over a pond full of turtles. Some visitors were feeding the reptiles with water spinach, the only diet allowed.


At the top of another flight of steps we finally reached the main halls of the temple. In the first hall stood the Guardians of the temple, four mean looking Gods guarding over the entrance to the hall of Buddha. I remembered being really scared of these statues when I was a young boy.

Size does matter….

As we moved around to the hall beyond, the first thing that caught my eye was the amazing decoration of yellow and red lanterns. These lanterns covered the roof outside the main hall of Buddha. We removed our shoes as required and entered the hall. Accompanied by the Eighteen Arhats, the first eighteen followers that achieved Nirvana, there were three very large statues of Buddha altogether. I marveled at the grandeur of these statues.

We exited the hall and made our way to the left, through a pathway that let to a large souvenir shop. After purchasing our tickets for the transport up to our final destination, we got in the queue to enter a lift. The trip took about 3 min. One can also choose to hike up the steep steps.

At the top end my excitement heightened as I stepped out of the lift and moved towards the statue of Kwan Yin (Goddess of Mercy). I will let these photos speak for themselves…..

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Size does matter.

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