The Water Snake Slithers In

Posted on February 10, 2013


As most of you are aware of, I am on my annual trip back to visit my family in Penang. Today we at the Pearl Kitchen ushered in the new year, and for the first time I am staying with both my KuKu and my parents under one roof. The dynamics of relationships that have been fragile at times, is magnified during this season. I am presented with the opportunity to reflect on my own actions and reactions within this environment. Its a joyous yet challenging season, and I am thankful that I have stopped running away from it.

As a treat to all readers of The Pearl Kitchen, I have been capturing the trip with my iPhone.

Its customary to bring some mandarins and ccokies when we visit family and friends during Chinese New Year. Munching on these cookies bring back memories from when I helped KuKu make them as a young boy.

CNY Cookies1

On the eve of the new moon, families come together for a reunion dinner. A steamboat is most auspicious and practical to get together and enjoy each others company.


I have also been working on an e-book tentatively titled “The Pearl Kitchen’s Top 30 Favourite Street Food of Penang”. Watch out for this giveaway soon!!!!

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