History of The Pearl Kitchen

Posted on December 28, 2012


Khoo Kongsi

My grandfather first came to this island with his brother just after the First World War. They came from a village in Guang Dong , China called Choy Sun, meaning “mountain of wealth”. From the time of the Taiping rebellion in the late 19th century, to the beginnings of the Communist insurgency, the settlement’s name would have held a bitter irony for its villagers. For the record Taiping meaning “peace”, is also the name of a town not far from Penang. Chinese migration at that time was an unparalleled exodus. Ripples from waves of displaced persons lapped the New World’s shores for generations, with Cantonese (Yue) and Hokkien (Min Nan) remaining the most prolific Chinese dialects among parts of the diaspora to this day through its maintenance in Penang and surrounding states.