Markets of diversity

Posted on November 30, 2012


Malaysians love markets, and we have them in various forms. Even though supermarkets and hypermarkets have recently become more popular, traditional wet markets are still preferred and can be found in every neighbourhood.


The one that KuKu frequents is in the middle of Georgetown, the capital city of Penang. She knows most of the traders and over the years have become good friends with some of them. This is not a surprise considering her social skills, and that this was where she grew up.

Roasted chicken and pork

In these markets everything is sold fresh. The most amazing observation I made was the multi-racial population in the market.


A Malay fish stall is set up next to a Chinese chicken stall, with live chickens in cages awaiting their fate. Across from that was an Indian spice stall. As the traders and customers haggle back and forth, the best of Malaysia’s mixed languages could be heard. That was the very essence of Malaysian culture, at a glance.

Is there a wet market near you?