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Markets of diversity

November 30, 2012


Malaysians love markets, and we have them in various forms. Even though supermarkets and hypermarkets have recently become more popular, traditional wet markets are still preferred and can be found in every neighbourhood. The one that KuKu frequents is in the middle of Georgetown, the capital city of Penang. She knows most of the traders […]

Trip to the markets

November 27, 2012


Morning had brought us to the markets – on what would become one of many familial shopping trips in preparation for the upcoming big event. This process, to my inner child, was tortuous. Firstly, it involved being the mule for all of the shopping – a gruelling experience that had become a singular representation of my childhood. But this […]

Confucius says……..

November 21, 2012


“In serving his parents, a filial son reveres them in daily life; he makes them happy while he nourishes them; he takes anxious care of them in sickness; he shows great sorrow over their death; and he sacrifices to them with solemnity.”(1) (1) Ikels, Charlotte (2004). Filial piety: Practice and discourse in contemporary East Asia. Stanford: […]

The Captain’s delight

November 19, 2012


Another popular request by the group of expatriate culinary students was the chicken curry Kapitan. Kapitan (meaning Captain) was the title used to address leaders of various ethnic communities in the state of Malacca during the Portuguese colonial rule in the fifteenth century. Instead of addressing the mass, the rulers back in those days prefer […]

These pictures are worth many thousand words

November 15, 2012


Can you guess the stories each of these incredibly detailed 3D murals tell? You might have to look at every panel on all four walls…… Imagine how long it takes to complete this building.

Not so hidden dragon

November 14, 2012


What do you reckon? Should I post more photos of mesmerizing architecture in Penang?  

Sweet and sour

November 8, 2012


This next recipe is the one we talked about soon after I confided my idea of this blog. Incidentally it reminds me of a favourite dish of many a friend of mine in Australia who are not very adventurous when it comes to Asian cuisines, and one of the basic recipes my aunt taught to […]