The Pearl Kitchen challenge

Posted on October 18, 2012


I will be be sharing more of my uncle’s favourite cuisine in upcoming posts. But it is time for the first Pearl Kitchen Challenge.

My childhood separation from my parents and subsequent anxieties about my own status in the new family had left me permanently guarded. My Uncle Cecil, the substitute father I had grown up with had also kept a disciplinarian household, in which expressions of emotion and joy were repressed as weakness.

Growing up, I had always felt uneasy around anyone with any obvious type of power or authority. Bosses would get the better of me because I shrieked at the prospect of any confrontation with them. Government officials would make my skin crawl, and anyone with a whiff of the streets would have me circling the block in avoidance.

Years ago, and fortunately before he passed away, I made my peace with Uncle Cecil. I had always known that the values I’d been brought up with were the keys to success in later life, and the home I so desperately wanted to escape from was my ‘source’. But when I consider how hard won that upbringing was, I am ever the more grateful.

When I became aware that my uncle really only wanted the best for me, one of the larger voids in my own fabric had been dealt out. I was freer, and more confident – stronger.

As I mentioned earlier my fondest memory of Cecil was at the dining table. He seemed the happiest there and it may have something to do with KuKu’s cooking. They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

This first challenge is for you to connect with your father (or his substitute). What is his favourite cuisine? Did your mother used to cook his favourite food? Would you share the recipe with us? Any photos that you would like to share?

You can either post here or email to with the heading “The Pearl Kitchen Challenge I”.

Remember to have fun with it. The Pearl Kitchen Team will choose the most inspiring participant in a month to be in the running for the ultimate Pearl Kitchen Reward.

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