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Stir-fry continued

September 25, 2012


KuKu has always reminded me that the essential ingredient for a delicious stir-fry is chopped garlic. The aroma of sautéed garlic is mouth-watering. It provides the basic flavour of the stir-fry. When sautéing garlic, be very careful not to burn it. Burnt garlic is brown in colour and tastes bitter. If sliced onion is also […]


September 22, 2012


I have always referred to her as my KuKu. That’s an infantile adaptation of the Cantonese word for aunt, Ku Ma. It’s not really fair to call KuKu my aunt – especially in Malaysia. There, everyone from an older generation of the family is referred to as aunty or uncle. Same goes for your parents’ […]

……or the stir-fry?

September 20, 2012


Mrs Fong, the old lady in the next seat, went for the non spicy stir-fried prawns with gai lan. The stir-fry has become such a generic cuisine in not only Asian culture, but also most of the Western world. Its popularity is due to its ease of preparation and the infinite possibility of combination: Throw some meat and […]

Would you like the beef rendang…….

September 18, 2012


“Would you like the beef rendang or the stir-fried prawns with vegetables sir?” I chose the rendang, a dried curry that I am extremely fond of. Growing up in Penang has allowed me to develop a palette for spice and this dish is rich in aromatic spice. There are many versions of the rendang depending […]

An obligation to succeed

September 14, 2012


It’s one thing to be the pride of your family, but when, year after year, your achievements are paraded to an entire community as the stock of credibility for your family, the experience becomes simultaneously infantilising and head-swelling. This is a strange emotion to which most successful Asians (particularly males) will relate with a mild […]

Show pony

September 5, 2012


I had come to think of myself as an ageing show pony on my trips home.

The lanterns

September 5, 2012


Déjà vu is a fated symptom of a life lived with such predictability, and cynicism the unfortunate malady of growing older through it. At each Chinese New Year festival, the lanterns and puppets may change from rat to dog to horse and so on, and new generations always reflect its millennial magic in their enchantment, but […]